Does public health department need to purchase hardware and software to be able to use eMedischedule system?

No. Our system is a web-based system and purchase of additional hardware or software is not necessary.


How much does eMedischedule LLC charge for customization of the system?

We customize the system at no cost to our clients.


Can the system be customized to meet unique needs of each public health department?

Yes. We customize our system based on customization requests that we receive from our clients.


Is the monthly fee for the basic online determined by the number of clinics or locations?

No. The monthly fee for the basic online system is a fixed fee. You can add as many clinics and locations.


What are the “add-on” services?

Add-on services are services that are in addition to the basic scheduling system. The services include the following: 1) Virtual call center system 2) Automated phone messages 3) Text messages (SMS)


How are the fees charged to public health departments to use eMedischedule online system determined?

We charge a fixed monthly fee per county health department/ health district for the basic online system. The “add-on” services can be billed at end of each month based on actual monthly usage or the add-on-services can be prepaid in packages. Public health departments can select to prepay the add-on services to manage their budget and to earn volume discount. The add-on services can be individually selected or bundled.


What was the response from the public that used eMedischedule system to make appointments?

We’ve received great response from the public. The system has been described as easy to use, very flexible and a welcome relief from being put on hold over the phone for extended time period. Also, the 24/7 online feature is very useful for anyone who prefers to schedule their appointments during non-regular office hours.


Once eMedischedule system is customized and deployed, how long does it take to make changes such as – adding new clinics, locations, calendars e.t.c?

Changes can be made to the system by our client’s staff within minutes. Any changes and updates made to the online system are immediately reflected on the virtual call center system.


What types of appointments can be made via eMedischedule?

Our system can be used to schedule all types of appointments. Our system has been widely used to schedule appointments relating to - Immunizations including seasonal flu, H1N1, travel e.t.c. - Family planning - STD/ STI - Emergency preparedness - Car-seat - Pet clinics/ rabies clinic - Building permits - School immunizations programs


How does eMedischedule conduct training sessions?

eMedischedule conducts live training via “Go-To-Meeting” and phone sessions as well as one-on-one follow up training sessions.


How much fees does eMedischedule LLC charge to provide training to clients’ staff?

We provide training to our clients’ staff at no-cost.


Does eMedischedule, LLC train public health department staff on how to use the system?

We provide three initial comprehensive training sessions as well as unlimited number of follow-up training sessions based on our clients’ requests.


How long does it take to customize the system to meet specific needs of local public health departments?

Depending on the level of complexity of the customization requests, we typically can customize and deploy the system within 3 days to 3 weeks.


Based on the system usage by your clients, what percent of appointments are typically made via eMedischedule online system?

It varies, but based on historical use, approximately 75% of our clients’ appointments were made via our basic online system.


How user-friendly is the virtual call center?

The virtual call center is extremely user-friendly. The patients are prompted via predefined options (customized for each health department) that are easy and very simple for patients to understand.


Does the virtual call center minimize call volumes?

Yes. Virtual call center is designed to significantly minimize call volumes.


Is virtual call center available only in English?

No. Just like our online system, the virtual call center is available in both English and Spanish. We can customize the virtual call center to cater to other language requirements.


What’s a virtual call center and how is it used to schedule appointments?

The virtual call center is our unique and proprietary technology- the only one of its kind in the market. Patients have two options to making their appointments. They can make their appointments using our online system. However, in some cases, some patients, for various reasons, may not have access to internet or may be unable to make appointments via the online system. Our virtual call center comes in handy. Using our proprietary, cutting-edge, virtual call center, patients will be able to call a dedicated phone number (designed exclusively for each health department), and using automated, touch-tone phone system, patients can make their appointments via the phone. Once the patient confirms his/ her appointment over the phone, the appointment is instantaneously reflected on the online appointment system. Also, any update made to the online system (e.g. adding new clinics, locations e.t.c.) is immediately reflected on the virtual call center.


How much does it cost the patients to use the system?

Our system is absolutely free of charge for patients.


How does eMedischedule online appointment system (“online system”) help patients to schedule their appointments?

eMedischedule online system enables patients to schedule their appointments via web-based or automated virtual call center on a 24/7 basis.